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Leaders Can Prepare for Uncertainty and Turbulence

Why Staff Training Now More Than Ever Makes Sense for Managed Healthcare Plans

Woman leading Staff trainingWhat are managed healthcare leaders talking about? Certainly at the top of the list is caution and concern about legislative changes in the existing Affordable Care Act, and how Medicaid funding to states may change. Runaway drug costs are also prompting calls from legislators, health plans, and the citizenry, for more pricing transparency and accountability. Change is a certainty, the degree of change is still unfolding.

Medicaid – Shrink or Grow?

Health plans face a future filled with even more demands to do more with less. In a recent NPR interview, a California-based health plan CEO expressed an opinion that states may turn to health plans even more to help them as they manage with less with the remainder of their Medicaid population. Short-term growth in contracts with states might be in store for health plans if this holds true.

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Care Excellence Course Author Dedicated to Training Next Generation

Case Management Training Built on Real-World Experience

Rebecca MontanoWith more than 25 years in case management, Rebecca Montano, Ph.D., MBA, CRC, CCM, CMC has dedicated her life to helping others, and now she is helping train the next generation of care managers.

“I’m all about learning and teaching all the time,” she said. “I learn so much from teaching.”

Montano wants to see care management grow and thrive, in an effort to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. One way to do that is to train the next generation of care managers.

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Why Innovation and Creativity Matter Now…. More than Ever

How Case Managers in Health Plans Can Carve a Path for the Future

Nurse Case ManagerHeadlines are awash with news of uncertainty and forecasts of doom or change for many sectors of business and populations of people. Healthcare organizations, and organizations like health plans that support them in the healthcare marketplace, are taking postures of “wait and see” because of the uncertainty.

Despite the external environment’s uncertainty, managers and leaders of care management staff still have a job to do every day: to lead their teams get work done. So how does a manager or leader prepare for a future that is uncertain, and give their team the tools to be ready as well?

Step 1: Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are tools that care managers can cultivate in themselves, and pass along to their staff. What are critical thinking skills?

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